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Minecraft Stardustcraft RPG server ancient temple of enyra spawnStardustcraft RPG is a unique Minecraft fantasy roleplay server with the combined experience of towny survival and a massive adventure map. Along with an in-depth and complex storyline, Stardustcraft comes filled to the brim with over 300 custom enemies, several unique and epic boss fights, over 200 items and weapons to collect, dungeons, diseases, war, and so much more! With 60 active plugins that add so much to the gameplay, Stardustcraft provides a unique experience unlike any other! Select a race, a class, and a job and be in charge of your own path. Grow a powerful empire and wage mighty wars against others. In this realm of fantasy, you write your own destiny




Stardustcraft features a mixture of adventure and towny survival roleplay all in one game! The gameMinecraft Stardustcraft RPG Tyrael Syron Adventure Entrance server centers around three realms: The Wilderlands, Iskaria, and Tyrael. With over 300 custom enemies, 5 races, 5 classes, bosses, dungeons, war, and disease, the possibilities are endless. Watch the complex storyline of Tyrael and Iskaria unravel before your eyes as you venture deeper into your adventure. Learn more here.


What Stardustcraft Features

  • Custom Mobs: Over 300 enemies created by the Stardustcraft team using customized versions of vanilla enemies.
  • Diseases: 10 in-game diseases that can affect a player if caught. Don’t worry, for they can be cured using specific cures.
  • Dungeons: Explore any of the 12 dungeons available in Tyrael filled with parkour, puzzles, enemies, and bosses
  • Economy: Sell, buy, or trade items in-game. Stardustcraft comes with a well-managed economy.
  • Jobs: Select up to 2 jobs, level up, and earn money.
  • Quests: Over 30 custom quests available in Enyra and Tyrael.
  • Races and Classes: 5 races and 5 classes to choose from which contain their own special abilities and spells. Level up by completing quests and defeating enemies.
  • Religion: Create a deity in-game through a shrine, gain new followers, grow your religion, and make your deity more powerful by believing.
  • Towny: Create a town and grow in territory. Create a nation and take part in war against other mighty nations.
  • Slimefun: Explore hundreds of new items, unlock special material, craft with special workbenches, and gain access to many enjoyable abilities.
  • World Generation: Stardustcraft comes with a fantastic world generator giving a total of 350 custom biomes in the game!


Battle Isles

Play solo or with teams as you defend your Core from other teams. Destroy other teams’ Cores but when yours gets destroyed, you can no longer respawn. Fight mini-bosses that appear at the center of the map and purchase better tools and equipment to defeat other players.

Battle Isles Ultra Mode

Similar to Battle Isles but far harder in gameplay. Only recommended for experienced players, Ultra Mode features many more bosses, spells, classes, events, and waves of enemies that try to overthrow your team’s island. Purchase Ultra equipment such as Elytras, lingering potions, and more.

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