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Through the past two months Stardustcraft has made some great improvements in performance, features, stability, and bugs. We have also managed to have word of Stardustcraft reach out and form our slowly growing community. The following are updates to Stardustcraft:


  • BUG FIX: Mob spawning mechanism has been greatly changed to prevent that bug in which enemies spawn in insane amounts.
  • Enemies now start at level 1 from the center of Iskaria and the Wilderlands. The farther the player goes from the center of the world, the higher level the enemies are. Higher level enemies have more health, more damage, more defense, and can drop more experience. This benefits players of higher levels who wish to have a challenge and be able to gain experience from fighting enemies.
  • Enemy levels are now color coded to reflect on difficulty
    • Light green: Relatively easy enemy
    • Yellow: Relatively intermediate enemy
    • Red: Hard enemy
    • Purple: Very hard enemy
  • Enemy attack mechanisms have been improved in enemies such as the Orc Archer or the Wandering Soul.
  • Enemy drops have been adjusted.
    • Blood Moon enemies drop netherrack
    • A few underground enemies drop quartz or quartz ore
    • Celestial Night enemies drop glowstone
  • The Celestial Cultist boss has been fully implemented!
    • Players are now able to fight the Celestial Cultist! The Celestial Cult has a 5% chance to spawn when a Celebrium is killed. Once the Head Cultist is defeated, the Celestial Cultist will be summoned. Warning: The Celestial Cultist is a difficult, fast-paced boss therefore it should not be summoned if you are now prepared!
  • The Wyvern boss in Wyvernia has been fully implemented!
    • The Wyvern spawns naturally in the floating islands of Wyvernia
      • How to get to Wyvernia?
        • Build a nether portal but instead of using obsidian, use quartz. The corners of the portal must also be filled in to achieve a rectangle. Light the portal up with flint and steal and enter.
        • Beward: It is recommended that you bring an item that allows you to fly such as a jetpack (slimefun) or a broom or else you can fall off of the islands!
        • Wyvernia has towny enabled!

Performance improvements:

  • Lag spikes have been eliminated to the best of our ability
  • Server autorestart implemented! This is to refresh the server's RAM memory, fix repetitive plugin bugs, and write server changes.
  • Chunk autounload implemented! This is to prevent unused chunks from clogging up the server's memory and CPU cache.



- cubeman7


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