“This is Iskaria, the heart of civilization. Here is where many people such as you begin and grow their towns and nations”


Iskaria is the town world in which players use gathered material to create a town or nation. Iskaria shares the same enemies and has the same enemy spawn rates that the Wilderlands has. However, Iskaria has a complete new set biomes counting at 341 custom-made biomes! Iskaria, like the Wilderlands and Tyrael. diseases. When you die in Iskaria, you lose 30% of your balance. Iskaria does not reset every month like the Wilderlands.


Iskaria is one of the realms in Stardustcraft. It is located next to the Wilderlands hence both of them sharing the same enemies. Iskaria was settled after Tyrael by the Angelic Order but soon was abandoned because of high amounts of corruption in the land. The Angels, being too pure to be near corruption, stayed as only observers to the realm. However, less pure souls, new travelers, are able to freely enter Iskaria without feeling the strains of corruption.