“It was at that moment, the evil from that world erupted in a storm of fury”

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The Wilderlands is a world filled with a few custom biomes. It is there where players are able to freely break, build, and modify the terrain to obtain resources. However the Wilderlands resets every two months removing all progress players have made and replacing it with a completely new world with a completely new seed. The Wilderlands has the same spawns, features, and bosses as Iskaria except Towny. The Wilderlands contains over 30 custom biomes and a different world generator than Iskaria.


Iskaria (sometimes called the Borderland or the Venial Lands by the Angels) is the land of civilization. Here players can create, modify, and build in their towns. However in Iskaria the player is limited to only building in territory claimed by their town and are unable to build, break, or switch in the wild or in other towns. Iskaria has the same spawns, features, and bosses as the Wilderlands including Towny. Iskaria contains over 350 biomes and a different world generator than the Wilderlands.


Tyrael is a realm far from Iskaria and the Wilderlands and can only be traveled to through the ancient angelic ship, The Cloud’s Crusade. In order to board the Cloud’s Crusade the quest “Aboard the Cloud’s Crusade” must be completed in Enyra. Once the quest has been completed you will be able to travel to Tyrael through the Cloud’s Crusade any time you’d like. Players can’t modify the terrain in Tyrael because it is based on the adventure gamemode. However, players can freely bring items they have obtained in other realms. Tyrael contains many quests and exotic locations and kingdoms as well as dungeons. As you go deeper into Tyrael you will soon realize that a dark, sinister evil is gathering and preparing to begin a devastating war.

The Ancient Temple of Enyra

Enyra is the main and last remaining stronghold of the Angelic Order. The temple’s origins go back to the First Age. The terrain in the temple cannot be modified because it is based on the adventure gamemode. Unlike the other realms, the Temple of Enyra is relatively small and in the sky. Enyra is filled with mysteries in secret rooms, quests, and NPCs that live in the temple. Enyra is a great place to trade and meet with players.


A long time ago, Angels from the Kingdom of Enyra made their mark on the worlds. They spread their adventuring souls far and wide through all the worlds. They were voyagers. They went, island to island, making beautiful strongholds and befriending the native beasts that lived in those worlds. They sailed on massive ships that are able to travel through space and time to reach the other worlds. However, it was one day when Thranos, an Angel-Dwarf halfbreed, mined into the depths of a mysterious dimensions, Mongaria. In the heart of its desolate ruins, an impure form of evil resided.

It was when the heart of Mongaria had been cracked that He arose. He was known as Aktus, Lord of the Demons, who had been enclosed in the ruins of Mongaria for unknown reasons. Quickly, his darkness spread to all the worlds. The closest ones to Mongaria were the first to see their downfall. Landscapes began to freeze, rivers began to run red with blood, all life began to die. The Angels of Enyra were outnumbered by the sheer amount of strength of Aktus’ legion, the Dark Angelic Order.

The Angels were forced to retreat to the only world they would be safe in, Enyra, their homeland. Because it exists outside of space and time, Enyra was safe from the growing destruction and desolation that spread from Mongaria. The Angels need a true hero who can face off darkness and rid of its influence from the worlds once and for all.

Races and Classes

In survival, there are several selectable races and classes. On join, it is recommended that players select one race and one class (the limit). Each race and class comes with exclusive skills that can be used to assist players on their journey. Players are able to level up their race and class by killing mobs to gain class experience. Harder and more rare enemies and bosses tend to drop more class experience than easy, more common mobs.


  • Elf: More profound in movement, use skills to easily evade or assist in movement
  • Wizard: Has a larger variety of spells to use
  • Dwarf: More profound in dealing damage and defending oneself
  • Werewolf: At night, turn into a wolf and receive lots of helpful buffs
  • Human: Has a large range of abilities and skills to assist with many activities such as hunting or mining.


  • Hunter: Have abilities necessary for attacking
  • Healer: Heal other players or yourself
  • Berserk: Deal lots of damage
  • Necromancer: Be able to use the art of Necromancy

Attribute Points

Whenever a player levels up they receive 2 attribute points. Attribute points can be used in the Attribute Menu in the Main Menu (/menu). Leveling up certain attributes can benefit the player in that area


  • Vitality: +1 HP per point invested
  • Spirit: +1 Mana and +2.5% Mana cap increase per point invested
  • Intelligence: +2.5% Skill damage increase per point invested
  • Strength: +2.5% Non-skill damage increase per point invested
  • Dexterity: +2.5% Skill range per point invested

Skill Points

Whenever a player levels up they gain a skill point (SP). Skill points can be used in the Skills Menu in the Main Menu (/menu). Skill Points can be saved up to upgrade or unlock certain skills. Each skill will tell how many Skill Points are needed to unlock or upgrade.


Skills are a very vital feature to Survival. Skills can be views, unlocked, upgraded, or selected via the Skill Menu in the Main Menu (/menu). Skills can be upgraded or unlocked with Skill Points. When skills are leveled up, the abilities within the skill increase or change.

Note: Once a skill has been upgraded it cannot be downgraded nor can the used Skill Points be restored.

Selecting Skills

In order to select a skill a player must first open the Skill Menu in the Main Menu (/menu). Once there, the player must hover their cursor over the desired skill and press a number on the hotbar (1-3) to assign the skill to that hotbar slot. Only hotbar slots 1, 2, and 3 can be used to assign skills.

Using Skills

Once a skill has been assigned to a lot in the hotbar. Press the number of the desired skill on the hotbar to use it.

Note: Skills that are labeled as “passive” cannot be casted through the hotbar and can only be casted by the action specified on the skill description


What is Towny?

Towny is a feature in which players are able to create, join, and modify a town. Towns can only be created in Iskaria. Towns can claim more territory however the territory cap is based on the amount of people in that town. Towns can create outposts.

Creating a Town

Creating a town costs $250. A town can be created by doing /t new (town name).

Maintaining a Town

A town requires an upkeep of $10 every 24 hours (real time). Claiming territory costs $20 per chunk. To deposit money into your town bank you can do /t deposit (amount). The town’s info can be shown by typing /t.


Nations are a lot more work than towns. They have a daily upkeep of $100 and consist of multiple towns instead of multiple players. A nation costs $1000 to create.


Diseases are a feature in Survival in which a player can obtain an illness by getting infected, performing a certain action, or being in a certain biome for a long period of time. Diseases can be cured by items found in the Cure Shop in the Disease Menu. The Disease Menu is located in the Main Menu (/menu). Some diseases can be fatal or can infect other players. When a player dies to a disease, the disease disappears. Learn more.



Enemies are entities that do harm to players and challenge them on their journey. There are about 75 enemies to fight in Survival. Click here to see a full list of enemies


Bosses are enemies with a lot more health, complexity, and difficulty than regular enemies. They can be summoned by crafting their spawn egg or can be found naturally or spawned by an NPC. Bosses give achievements, lots of class experience, and good drops when they die. Each boss has the same death animation except for the Demon Master [Not yet implemented]. Click here to see full detail on each boss.


NPCs are peaceful entities that can naturally spawn or can be summoned by crafting their spawn egg. NPCs can either trade special trades, defend against enemies, or summon a boss.

List of NPCs:

    • Squid Trader
    • World Traveler
    • Cursed Old Man
  • The Professor [Not yet implemented]


There are over 200 obtainable items in Survival. Items can range from weapons, spawn eggs, tools, and crafting material. Items can be either obtained via crafting, smelting, or killing a mob. Learn more.


Players have the option to create a shrine for a god or goddess of their naming. This adds a large enhancement to the roleplay in Survival. A deity can only be created if a player believes in that deity. Learn more.