Stardustcraft takes place in a realm called Euraya, a realm divided in two main land masses that float opposite to each other in the skies. Within these realms, there are many smaller areas that pertain to each land mass. The two land masses are respectively called Iskandor, land of dreams; and Tyrael, realm of sorcery. The Iskandorian landmass is split into two significant landmasses: Iskaria and the Wilderlands. Tyrael, on the other hand, is split into regions that are still a part of the same landmass. Two notable regions in Tyrael are Andatheros, the mortal kingdom; and Ganandor, land of the mystics.

     Since its creation, Euraya had been created by nine ancient beings of great power, the Tirasel. However, only three still live in the realms of Euraya.

Prologue: The Creation

In the dormant skies of the void were nine ancient beings, the Tirasel. All nine were sent to create a world out of nothingness by a mystical and mysterious being called Ea. And as instructed, the nine Tirasel forged together a realm they named Euraya. From the creation came creatures of many walks. The final touch to the newly-created realm was added by Ea themselves. From the highest peak of Euraya, Ea wove together the Spiral, a chained string that links together all life through a single power. All was well, until corruption made its first break into realm once thought to be, and forever remain, pure.

The Corruption

It was one of the nine, Dolareth, became envious of what his brothers had created. His envy led to him wanting control over creation until he was forced to construct his own realm. However, a single Tirasel was not powerful enough to forge realm that proved to not be volatile. Consequently, Dolareth’s realm fell into pure chaos. From here, rippled the first forces of darkness. Dolareth’s realm became too chaotic that Ea themselves had to banish Dolareth into the oppressive emptiness of the void.

In his confinement, Dolareth pondered on the idea of conquering Euraya and taking the realm as his own. Eventually Dolareth was able to break himself out of the void and began preparing for his conquest.